About Stone

Granite and Marble Benchtops by
Southeast Stone on the Sunshine Coast

 Reconstituted Stone

Reconstituted Stone is a man made stone that is made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% of combined bonding agent, special additives and pigments. This makes the stone extremely hard, practical and a high versatile surface which gives the appearance of natural stone. Reconstituted stone looks great and has a sleek finish that you can assure many years of lasting style and beauty.

Natural Stone

Granite – is a type of igneous rock that’s a hard and durable stone that has a medium to coarse texture or grain. Granite can catch it’s colour depending on their chemistry and mineralogy to form pinks, greys or even blacks. Granite has the ability to be polished to a mirror finish with a variety use of indoor or outdoor applications including flooring, bench tops and walls.

A closeup of some of the granite benchtops we have done on the Sunshine Coast

Marble – began as a limestone transform into a metamorphic rock.  Marble is created from a combination of heat, pressure and chemical and mineral elements in the stone, to make up a variety of colours that are catching to the eye. Marble is high polish and is used to create flooring, bench tops and art pieces.

Onyx – is an amazing stone that is artistic when a light is shone through it. The natural patterns of the colour and shadow brings each piece to life. Onyx is the stone choice for moods enhancing lamps, softly lit tables or wall art.

Limestone – is a sedimentary rock that is mostly used for architectural stone in the world like granite and sandstone. With its fossil specimens with gives limestone a unique and earthy look, its use for many applications and an aesthetic, warm appeal that can’t be beaten.

Travertine – surface never gets hot, this is due to the lack of metal that is content in the stone. Travertine is ideal and excellent to be use for indoor and outdoor applications, like pool, patio, kitchen and bathroom, flooring, bench tops, wall cladding and driveways.