Additional Options

When installing new benchtops in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, you want the surfaces to be attractive and match the style of your Sunshine Coast home. You may also want your benchtops to be more functional with useful features.

At Southeast Stone, we offer a variety of different edge profiles and features for your laundry, bathroom or kitchen benchtops. Browse below to see the additional options to choose from. If you have an idea that isn’t included in the following list, feel free to discuss it with our friendly staff members. We’ll do our best to help you make that vision a reality.

Additional Options for Your Benchtop Installation

Many of our additional options do come with extra fees. To learn more about our pricing, call us on 07 5492 6006 and our knowledgeable staff will go over the different costs with you. We can also discuss any questions or concerns you might have.


Drainer Grooves

If you’re tired of having water pooling on your counter and dripping on the floor every time you wash dishes, you may prefer drainer grooves. Drainer grooves can keep water from spreading over your benchtop and dribbling down the front of your cupboards and drawers.



If you prefer a contemporary style and want to try something other than the traditional basin sink, opt for a washplane instead.

Franke SSX 120 Double Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks allow the benchtop edge to cover the lip of the sink, offering a clean, appealing appearance. You can choose either a double or single Franke SSX 120 undermount sink.

Oliveri DZ10U Undermount

Oliveri DZ10U Double Bowl Undermount Sink

We also offer the Oliveri DZ10U undermount sink with a double bowl, and the sink comes with all the sink accessories for convenience.

Edge Profiles

Different edge profiles can suit diverse styles and tastes. If you’re going for something more modern and contemporary, consider the shadow line or 40mm laminated edges. For more traditional styles, consider the bullnose or arris edge. However, while our benchtop quotes come standard with an arris edge or pencil round edge, our other edge profiles do come with additional costs.